Moss changes friends like clothes

LONDON: Supermodel Kate Moss, 35, is being likened to Peter Pan because she does not want to get old. She may be a mother of one and fast-approaching middle age, but people close to her say that she still likes to surround herself with a posse of the coolest young women.

“Kate’s a bit of a social vampire and she likes young blood. She loves hip young guys and girls. The more she mixes with them, the younger she feels,” the News of the World quoted a close friend of the model as


“She’s like Peter Pan — she doesn’t want to get old. If she’s with people her own age or older, it makes her feel more grown up and she hates that,” the pal added.

Another friend said, “Kate seems to think about some mates the

way she thinks about outfits. She wants to wear what she looks best in and hang out with who she looks best with — the youngest, coolest, hippest people.”