Mountaineering guide wins French award


D’Alpinisme Option Guide De Haute Montagne (French Republic Ministry of Sports National licence of mountaineering option guide of high altitude mountain) was presented to Sunar Bahadur Gurung by the Republique Francaise Jeunesse ET Sports, Brevei D’Etat at French Ambassador Gilles Henry Garault’s residence on December 19.

Gurung is the first Nepali recipient of this internationally recognised award for a mountaineering guide of high altitude. He has received this award after 11 years of trainings and working as a guide.

Gurung said, “Previously, it was only my interest that I went to take the trainings and I used to be in France for six months and in Nepal for six months. After I gave the exams and found out I was getting the award it was really encouraging.” He feels that it will surely help others and expressed his happiness that he received it at the Ambassador’s residence. — HNS