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Too much of drama


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Nai Nabhannu La 4



The fourth instalment of Nai Nabhannu La is a romantic comedy that depicts the love story of Nil (Paul Shah), Anchal (Anchal Sharma) and Anjana (Barsha Raut). But the film’s dramatised love story and its erratic execution — to build suspense and to create interest — simply let you down, asking no more of Nai Nabhannu La.

Narrating the love story using flashback technique, the film begins with Aani (Priyanka Karki) and a child Shishir (Anubhav Regmi) praying at a tomb and offering flowers. Both of them are crying bitterly and are talking lovingly about the dead person, without revealing that person’s identity.

Then, the film goes to the past (few months before). Nil is shown invading the house where Aani and Shishir live. Nil, who has been running away from police, threatens them with his pistol. However, Nil hands over the pistol and sits outside the house sobbing. Looking at his condition, Aani decides to let him stay in her house as the guest.

The film goes fine in the first half but loses its charm in the other half. The flaw is in its story — it is the plot development that sinks the film. The much needed friction for the plot development is mechanical, forcefully included and not justified.

The film tries to hold audience’s interest — but it tries too hard with unnecessary twists and turns as well as suspense. Director Bikash Acharya has done so-so job to put together a romantic-comedy film, but the film is messy and overdone. However, he has brought good out of the new actors.

The debutant actors have justified their roles as the lovers madly in love. Shah is convincing as a heartbroken young man. He can change his facial expressions and body language effortlessly, whether he is jolly or heartbroken. One will simply be carried away by Raut’s character, who is intensely in love with Nil. Sharma has emoted well to portray her character.

Karki and Regmi are commendable. They complement each other — it is pleasing to watch Regmi’s childish behaviour and Karki as his guardian. The actors save the film to some extent.

Nai Nabhannu La 4
Genre: Romantic comedy
Director: Bikash Acharya
Cast: Paul Shah, Priyanka Karki, Anchal Sharma,
Barsha Raut, Anubhav
Regmi, Saroj Khanal and Shishir Bhandari
Being screened
at QFX Cinemas

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