Mughlai feast fit for kings


The old adage goes, “Feed a Moghul and you’ve got a friend for life; on a full stomach he’s ready to bequeath half his kingdom”. Well, that might not still be true, but gourmets still consider Shah Jahan’s city, Old Delhi a culinary haven for Mughal Cuisine. But wait, Mughal Restaurant at Baneswore, boasts to have mastered the art no less as it was during the days of Mughal emperors. There are many restaurants around town that serve Muglai cuisines, but it is again the proud owner of the Muglai Kitchen, Pramod Jaiswal, who is fiercely proud to showcase the authentic taste of the Muglai Kitchen at The Himalayan Times International Food Festival, be it main course dishes, sweets or snacks.

And how can one forget paan, when one talks of an Indian meal?

Paan is a folded betel leaf with a filling of areca nuts, lime and extras like cardamom, clove, nutmeg and grated coconut, which besides its digestive properties is also believed to be an aphrodisiac. Pramod, of course, takes no chances to serve this marvel with every meal.

On your plate



•Aloo Jira

•Chana Masala

•Vegetable cocktail kebab: Rs 85


•Aloo Jira

•Chana Masala

•Reshmi kebab: Rs: 110

•Main Course


•Veg Biryani

•Paneer butter masala

•Dal makhani: Rs: 140

•Non Vegetarian

•Veg Biryani

•Paneer Butter Masala

•Chicken Chop: Rs: 165


•Roomali roti with chicken chop or paneer butter masala: Rs: 150

•Indian smooch: Rs 45

•Jaljeera: Rs: 25

Truly Asian

Malaysian food tastes as good, even better, as it looks. It appeals to all three senses — it pleases the eye, has mouth watering aroma and is simply melts in your mouth. Well, if you haven’t tried out any of the Malaysian exotica then this is your chance as the Malaysian embassy is all set to dish out some of the favourite and well-loved Malaysian foodstuff at THT food fest. On of the all-time favourites is the satay, which is delicately flavoured, marinated chicken on wooden skewers roasted on slow fire. Served with peanut sauce, it is a dish fit for the gods.

On your plate

•Satay set (Includes four sticks of satay with peanut sauce, fish crackers, compressed rice and cucumber)

•Veg Malaysian fried noodles

•Non-veg Malaysian fried noodles with dried prawns