Mum prays for son’s success


I was worried whether he would be selected for the next phase. Now I am relieved that he is still in the race,” said Rupa Tamang.

Her son Prashant has made it to the next episode of the Gala Round in the very popular reality TV show Indian Idol 3. Prashant is the first person of Nepali origin to have made it thus far in the show.

He was nine when his father died, and joined the police force in his father’s place when he was 19 and studying in Class X.

Recalling those tragic moments, Rupa said, “The song that Prashant sang at the time of his father’s death is still fresh on my mind. We had gone to Kolkata. I was distraught at my husband’s death, but Prashant tried to console me by singing a song.”

At that time Prashant had sung his father’s favourite song — Sur Samrat Narayan Gopal’s Euta manchhe ko maya le kati pharak pardachha jindagi ma.

“Though my husband did not sing, he loved listening to songs,” she said.

His teachers in school used to call him “Hashimaya because he used to keep smiling”.

She added, “He smiles even during the television show.”

Rupa expressed her regret at not being able to provide training in music.

“Though Prashant has an interest in music since his childhood, I could not provide him formal education in music. If he had formal knowledge of music, he would have been able to give a better performance,” she said adding, “But I am confident he will be crowned Indian Idol.”

And to ensure that her son is crowned the next Indian Idol, she has sought the help of powers that be.

“I visited the monastery in Darjeeling, temple of Mahakal Baba and the Bandel church in Kolkata to pray for Prashant’s success,” said this hopeful mother.

“As all Prashant’s well-wishers are supporting him, I pray to God to fulfil our hopes,” she said.

Will her prayers come true? Only time will tell.