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Lekali band performs in August Paleti concert

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Lekali band members Hiranya Bhojpure, Ganesh Rasik and Urmila Shrestha performing at the Paleti concert in Kathmandu. Courtesy: Nepalaya

KATHMANDU: After a long hiatus, Lekali band, one of Nepal’s pioneer musical group, performed a solo-concert in this month’s Paleti at Nepalaya’s ‘r’ sala in Kalikasthan, Kathmandu.

With a full house audience, Lekali band kicked off the much-awaited show with the popular song ‘Lahara Pahara Chahara Ko Desh Bata‘, once a popular number in Radio Nepal.

In the early stage of the show, Lekhali band’s founding members Ganesh Rasik, Hiranya Bhojpure and Urmila Shrestha graced the show. The band which was established in the mid-sixties performed most of the songs composed by musician and singer duo Ganesh Rasik and Hiranya Bhojpure.

As the show went on, singer Rasik took the audience to a flashback where he shared the stories of his journey to Kathmandu from Bhojpur and his connection with Ralfa, the starting phase of his musical career.

The band also performed their hit songs ‘Ah Hai, Hai Aaja Bheda Bakra Kata Lane‘, ‘Tyo Manchhe Jharyo Aa Mitjyu‘, ‘Bas Bas Re’, ‘Har Har Mahadev Pani Deu‘, ‘Jhakri Geet‘ that brought excitement and laughter to the audience.

In midst of laughter and euphoric moments, the band played probably their most hit song, also the last song of the night ‘Rato Bhale‘.

As usual, the band was supported by Dinesh Regmi on keyboards, Balaram Samal on bansuri, Sandesh Maharjan on tabala, Suraj Pradhan on guitars, and Sundar Maharjan on percussions.

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