Musical hours


The monthly musical programme Sashtriya Sankranti was held on September 18 at Gurukul. This month, the event ‘Raag Utsav’, was organised in memory of singer Ganga Rana. The event was divided into three parts where audiences could enjoy three different raagas — of the morning, afternoon and evening.

“While learning classical music, all three raagas have to be mastered, but we mostly hear evening raag. This time we decided to let the audience enjoy other raagas as well,” said Sarita Mishra programme coordinator. For a whole year, Sastriya Sankranti will be dedicated to Ganga Rana, which is supported by her family.

The morning raag from 8-11:00 am, saw Pt Bhawnath Sharma (todi), Ajit Prasad Gautam presenting Bhairavi raag and Dr Dhurvesh Chandra Regmi (sitar) performing spell-binding music. The afternoon raag was performed by Parshuram Poudel (tabla), Sujata Verma (vocal), Biraj Pokharel (tabla), Uma Thapa (sitar), Robin Das Shrestha (vocal), Udhav KC (vocal) and Triveni group.

Milesh, Milan and Ishwor on violin, tabla and Hawaiian guitar along with Bajra group, Sanjeev Ale (vocal), Sukarma group, Sarita Mishra (tabla) and Atul Memorial Foundation performed in the evening.