Mutual admiration club

Sometimes first impressions may not always be the last. It stands quite true for the Acharya brothers — Satya and Swaroop. Swaroop seems to be the talkative type, while it Satya appears to be reserved. But it’s the exact opposite. And it is this contrast in each other’s natures that they admire and disapprove of.

“He is very friendly and can get close to people very fast, which I think is his positive aspect. But he also trusts people easily, which is not practical,” says Swaroop of Satya.

Whereas Satya says, “It is his reserved nature, the way he thinks before saying anything that I like about him. But sometimes people tend to take it in a negative way and think that he is very arrogant.”

The brothers have created a niche for themselves in the Nepali music world and they share a friendly relationship with each other maintaining a certain discipline and respect for each other. They claim to be supportive of each other and swear sibling rivalry does not exist

between them.

This mutual admiration the brothers have for each others does not seem to end.

Satya says, “Swaroop can sing any type of song. He can capture people’s heart with his singing. I think he is a complete singer,” adding, “Every time Swaroop wins an award, I feel that I have personally won it.”

Swaroop, on the other hand, feels that though he may have inherited their father’s singing prowess, the talent of composing songs has been bestowed on his elder brother. “As he is a composer, he is very particular while choosing songs and so the quality is really high,” says Swaroop.

On Bhai tika, their cousins (sisters) do the honours of putting the Bhai tika on them. As one of them is married to a Newar, they have two different kinds of tika on this day. However, they do not miss having a sister but Satya says, “Maybe if we had one, she would have been a really good singer and we could have sung duets in movies.” — Eva Manandhar