My Dad

My father’s name is Rom Nath Chhetri. He is a teacher. He is a hardworking and honest father. He is also a man with a heart of gold. He respects everyone. He loves his family members, relatives and does not hesitate to help the poor and the needy and especially those squatting in the blazing sun with their begging bowls on the roadside.

My father has a hobby of writing articles on various topics. Most often, I see him “lost”

holding a pencil in his hand keeping an eraser and a sharpener handy. However, I often find difficult to understand his writings because he seems to use a variety of superflous words, phrases and idioms.

He also loves to read the newspaper in the early morning sipping hot tea. When he comes across any unfamiliar words, he immediately opens a dictionary and checks the meanings.

My father is the head of my family. He performs his duties well for the upkeep of our family. Sometimes, he also offers me important tips on reading and writing.

Whenever I ask him for money, he usually advises me saying, “Son, I am afraid money doesn’t grow on trees and we need to be careful.” But after a while he stares at me lovingly and hands me the requested amount. He has taught me many valuable things in my life. He is a great father. I know he loves me more than his own life.

— Aashman Chhetri, Class VII, Paragon Public School, Kathmandu