My helpful friends

During the beginning of the session of grade VI, I suffered from asthma and missed my friends and classes. First I had allergies and suffered from very bad cold. I took lots of medicines. I prayed to God for speedy recovery. My family members and my lovely grandmother used to take me to the hospital, sometimes even late in the night.

Finally I was taken to a famous chest specialist and his medicines worked like magic. I used to see God in his face and his treatment was like a blessing. Though I was improving, I used to get asthma attack from time to time. I could not attend my classes for many weeks.

During my illness I missed my friends for nearly seven months. They were sorry to learn about my illness and used to ring me up time to ask about my health and when I would rejoin the classes. They also kept me updated about the courses.

Then I was admitted to the hospital for a few days due to serious attack. I could sit for exams only from the second unit test. And I continued studying at home with my tutor.

Now I am back at school. I should not strain myself with physical activities so I keep myself busy painting and playing the violin. I believe in myself that I can do better. I never want to miss my helpful and kind friends.