My Kanchhi’s precious memories

I still remember that day when a new member was added to my family. It was my third birthday and my parents had gifted me something that I always dreamt of.

She looked so angelic with bright eyes, snow-white fur and a cute nose .She entered our home spreading happiness all around. Time passed and day by day she started to grow up to be a beautiful dog that I had named Kanchhi.

Unlike any other dog, she was someone who was different and very precious to me. Most of my childhood days were spent with her.

She had turned 11 and still seemed fit and healthy. However, one afternoon she gently closed her eyes and went into a deep sleep, and did not get up again. She left us behind and went in a world beyond our reach.

For all those who dislike dogs, I want to say dogs have hearts of gold and are the best companions for humans.

My Kanchhi may have left me, but she will always hold a special place in my heart.

— Shreya Joshy, Class IX, St Mary’s High School