My life story

I am a canvas bag and was made by the Himalayan company in the year 1999. The workers were good, but cruel sometimes.

I was put on the shelf of a shop for sale on July 19 of that year.

A lady came in a bought me for her daughter Polly.

Polly was very proud of me and hung me from a nail in her bedroom. However, after a week she started putting clothes and toys and even sharp things like a pair of scissors in me. That hurt me, but Polly loved me and could not do without me.

One day her friend Molly came and stood near by and spilt ink all over me. Seeing that I was all stained and dirty, Polly threw me into a dark, stuffy room called the ‘box room’. I was filled with sorrow and cried a lot, but was left there all alone.

But then Polly could not do without me, and after a few days she took me out of the dark box room into fresh air and sunlight and gave me a thorough wash and hung me out to dry.

Once again I was as good and new and as proud as a peacock.

Nowadays Polly takes me everywhere with her as without me she is lost.