My papa, my hero

There is a person in my life that I admire the most. He is not any celebrity, but the one who has a very important place in my heart. He is my father. He does look as handsome like as an actor, but still he is my hero.

It is because he has succeeded to perform all his duties and responsibilities. He is an

exemplary personality for me.

He is a simple and ordinary man with his own principles. He is very friendly and helpful to everyone as I have only seen him helping many people during difficulties. One thing that I really admire about him is his habit of staying away from alcohol and tobacco. This discourages me to indulge in bad habits.

My grandparents say that he is a very loving son; my mom says he is the perfect husband. I don’t know about it but I can say that he is the best father. He is the one who works very hard to fulfil every need of my family. His happiness and sorrow are related to us. He encourages me to choose the right path in every walk of life. He has also given me the freedom to enjoy myself to the fullest.

He is an idol of a father and that’s why I admire him the most.