My teacher’s inspiring grin

Everyone is inspired by someone to do something. Teachers are the most frequent source of the inspiration.

I was very poor in my studies and was not the apple of our teachers’ eyes. I could never secure good marks and I rarely passed my exams.

I was taught by a loving and friendly teacher in Class III. He believed I could do something. He encouraged me in such a way that I was completely motivated in a month. He inspired me with his sweet grin. I was encouraged by the way he spoke to me, smiled at me and lived a very admirable life.

Then I gradually began to make progress in my studies. He kept on encouraging me and finally I stood first in class.

Everyone was astonished at my success. I said it was all due to my Nepali teacher — Deepak Dahal.

When I was in Class VIII, he came and said he was leaving. I didn’t ask why. I just waved goodbye.

I really owe a lot to him. He was a man of exemplary character. I sometimes happen to meet him on the way and when I speak to him, I feel myself in the presence of someone great.

Whenever I am discouraged, I remember his grin, and get inspired all over again.