NAMUDA pays tribute to the departed souls

KATHMANDU: The earthquake of April 25 took thousands of lives. And the festival Gai Jatra that commemorates the death of people during the year, also remembered those who died because of the quake , on August 30. While  processions and various events were held in the Capital on the occasion of Gai Jatra, Nepal Academy of Music and Drama (NAMUDA) paid tribute to the departed souls at a programme — Shraddhanjali Sabha — held at Nepal Academy Dabali in Kamaladi.

“After the earthquake NAMUDA did what we could do. We went to places, met people, saw the destruction and helped them with therapies and relief materials. Now what we thought was to organise a tribute programme wishing for the peace of the soul of the deceased denizens of the quake including artistes and literary figures on the occasion of Gai Jatra,” Vice Chancellor of NAMUDA, Shambhujeet Baskota shared about the event.

Comedians and artists attended the event and they gave their eulogies to various artistes and others who perished in the 7.8 magnitude quake. Senior lyricist Shree Purush Dhakal, senior composer CK Rasaili, artist Ragini Upadhyay Grela and comedians like Kiran KC were among the participants.

Wishing peace to the departed souls, lyricist Dhakal shared, “Baisakh 12 was an unpleasant day to remember for not only Nepal but for Nepalis around the world. Dharahara and Kasthamandap caved in and thousands of hands that could have built them also perished. Artistes who could compose, write, sing, paint, well have gone. Dharahara and Kasthamandap can be constructed again but the people can’t be brought back.”

Meanwhile, 10 artistes participated in the Gai Jatra procession in different disguises in Basantapur area.