Nature of Nakadia

Yasmin Taj


Fog lights, bubble lights, disco lights, smoke, hundreds of people clustering into one dance floor and dancing unanimously to a single person’s tunes — this is what any party would look like, right? So what makes a particular party scene happening? But of course the DJ.

The Hyatt Regency along with DMI and OurNepal.Com are jointly organising a party of its own kind where DJ Nakadia, world’s renowned DJ from Thailand would be rocking all through the night along with DJ Austin from Kolkata. The gorgeous DJ says that it was her love for music and parties that inspired her to become a DJ. This young girl from a farm had no clue about DJing unless she came across the “world’s best female DJ Marusha” somewhere in Europe. It was then that she realised that just dancing to music is not enough and that making music gives one a better high than anything else. “I can make music and dance to it at the same time and that makes it all the more exciting and the money is good too,” she quotes.

Her parents had no idea about what kind of career their daughter would pursue until she showed them a video of one of her performances. “They were delighted to see my pictures in magazines and on TV”, she giggles. She confesses that DJ Marusha is her idol, teacher and best friend. Her achievements include being the brand ambassador for UDG (Ultimate DJ Gear). DJ Nakadia has performed in almost every part of the world. Though her major performances have been in Europe, she is also touring Asia and has a five-month tour already scheduled in April to USA. And her next stop after Kathmandu is Kolkata where she will perform for Red FM.

Tribal House and Progressive House are DJ Nakadia’s favourite genre of music but she says while playing she caters to the demands of the crowd and can go from Techno to Hip-Hop to Rock. “Nepal is a beautiful and interesting place; I would love to know the people here since this is my first time here and I don’t exactly know the kind of music the party-goers prefer”, she says. She also spills out her secret quotient that she uses before performing in any party. “I always go to the venue one-hour prior to the party and observe the other DJs playing and play what the crowd is enjoying the most,” she shares.

When she was starting off, she says she faced hardships because Thailand has only a few female DJs. “People said that I was a girl and I might not be good at DJing. They also thought that if one was good looking, one cannot be a good performer. I had to prove myself,” she adds.

She laughs out loud on being asked if she has a boyfriend. “One couldn’t possibly have a boyfriend when you are touring the globe all year.” And the event has in store yet another highlight. One of the popular DJs in Kathmandu party circuits — DJ Austin — will accompany DJ Nakadia. A resident DJ for Some Place Else in The Park, DJ Austin divulges with a smile that it is his eighth visit to Kathmandu and confesses that he is overjoyed whenever he gets to come here. “The people of Nepal are very nice. This place has one hell lot of a party crowd,” he exclaims. This DJ knows the nerve of Nepali partygoers and says that Hip Hop seems to be the favourite genre here whereas he adds, “Rock, no doubt is the favourite in Kolkata.”

He, too, has had no formal training in turntable and says that it is his ardent love for music that brought him into this field. In fact his 14-year-old daughter Nikita is following in his footsteps and is already training herself to be a successful DJ. He believes that female DJs pull larger male crowd. His personal favourite is country music.

DJ Austin has been in this field since 1994, a time when DJing was not such a happening profession. “However these days it has loads of fame and money to offer if one succeeds in making a mark for oneself,” he quotes. He has played before in Bangladesh and Bhutan and also in a number of other parties in Nepal. He will be kicking off the party on Friday and will then be introducing DJ Nakadia and handing it over to her. So, Kathmanduites, here comes a chance for you to go booty shaking and rocking all through the night to two of the most happening and dashing DJs.