Nature’s contrasts


Photographer Shmuel Browns has brought the lowest place on the earth to the country of the highest peak in the world. His photographs capturing the landscapes of areas around Dead Sea, which is at 420 metres below sea level, are being exhibited at Saturday Café in Boudha from August 14.

Browns, who is also a tour guide, has captured landscapes from areas like Wadi Qelt, Ein Gedi Masada and Ein Boqeq. Along with capturing nature’s tranquillity, the photographer has brought out contrasts in various format. From contrast between broad horizontal expanse of the Dead Sea and the vertical climb of the cliffs and mountains to the one between rock and vegetation, the photographs showcase the contrasts that the nature itself has created.

However, the collection also conveys the solitude of the area as most of the photos don’t have any human life except for a few which too is just a hint like a few hikers travelling through the landscape. The brilliant colour and light composition — the most important elements of a photograph — makes each and every landscape more vivid.

One can see interesting colour patterns in the photos like the varying shades of pink, purple, blue and green, and all these patterns have been created by natural phenomenon like the setting sun and the falling of light on water. The colours and patterns of shoreline and water have created an abstract composition.

The exhibition is on till September 30