Nature’s splendour

Nature — people do not have to linger around using their extreme strength in thinking about this word like philosophers nor have to impatiently flip pages of a dictionary to know the meaning of nature. We do not even have to fix a specific time to observe the beauty of nature. Sitting at the top of a hill or pacing on the veranda is not the only option for us to explore its magnificence. Its beauty is omnipresent and can be felt by anyone and at any time.

We can watch a morning dewdrop dancing on colourful flowers revealing their beauty. Even on a gloomy day, when the sun plays hide and seek behind black pouches of heavy clouds and it’s about to rain, we can spot the people rushing, collecting food and making themselves ready to huddle up inside their homes. So nature’s beauty can be reflected everywhere incomparably.

Apart from its beauty, nature is very beneficial to us in every aspect. The fresh air that we enjoy inhaling standing on our terrace is from nature. It provides firewood, fodder and timber as well. It also gives space for all the scientific inventions and man’s creativity to be expressed. From our fundamental needs to our desires, nature fulfils each and every necessity of human beings.

Since nature proves itself beautiful in any positive or negative situation, it delivers a good lesson that beauty lies not in the outer appearance but in the gracefulness of a human being.

— Aparna Singh , Class IX ‘A’ , Gyanodaya Residential School