One of the greatest problems our country is facing today is the problem of growing indiscipline among the students. If this is not taken care of, it can snowball into a major problem.

We get to hear almost daily about students being involved in gang fights, stone throwing, among other things. Nowadays we can find many students who indulge in the acts of hooliganism and resorting to strikes and demonstrations. The students complain of high tuition fees, ill-equipped libraries, laboratories, improper admission facilities, over-crowded classrooms, but when are they in college to complain about these things? They are always out on the streets protesting.

Students are the pillars in a country’s stride to progress. They are a tremendous reservoir of energy and if it is channelised in the proper direction, it can work miracles; if misdirected it can spell disaster.

The answer to this violent expression is not punishment or suspension of the students from their regular classes. They have to be tackled in different manner. We cannot use the same stick for crushing a gangster and a student.

Students are the bedrock of the country’s progress. We must understand these things and take some immediate and effective steps to minimise such types of destructive behaviour.