Neha’s tough scene with Naseerudin


Having seen for a number of years the respect with which the film industry looks upon actors like Naseerudin Shah, Om Puri et cetera and the immense talent for which these stalwarts are famous for, the apprehension of a new actor having a scene to act with these stalwarts can be very well assumed.

Although not a novice performer, when she came face to face with Nasserudin Shah, a B-Town beauty got jittery.

Neha Dhupia has got a very good role with enough substance to showcase her skills in the film Maharathi in which she portrays the role of the young wife of a failed film producer played by Shah. While shooting she had to bear the pressure of her nervous mind while giving life to an intense scene with the veteran actor. In particular scene Neha had to scream and rant at Naseeruddin Shah. Neha found it very difficult to do it in front of Shah but managed to carry it off exactly as the director wanted her to do.

The actress says, “I have immense respect for Naseerji and scre-aming at him turned out to be very tedious.” On the other hand the moment the director said cut, Naseer became the usual jolly and relaxed person that he is known as while Neha took time and struggled to come out of the hangover. —Agencies