Neighbours angry with Kidman

HOLLYWOOD: The actress has had the cypress leylandii saplings, ranging from 4ft to 6ft tall, placed around her 140-acre Bunya Hill estate to shield it from onlookers.

The fast-growing trees can reach up to 20 metres high and eight meters wide, and have caused disputes between neighbours all over the world.

The picturesque $6 million five-bedroom property, built in the 1870s, is in a village called Sutton Forest, about 60 miles south-west of Sydney.

The actress, who lives in Nashville with her country singer husband Keith Urban, has boosted security there ahead of her sister Antonia's wedding to the financier Craig Marran, which is expected to take place at the retreat before the end of the year.

As well as the trees, she has also had an "ugly" green nylon fence erected by the main gate and an earth mound built to shield the property from the main road.

But it is the mammoth tree-planting project which has upset locals, who have been campaigning against leylandii for several years arguing they can grow to an immense height and turn into an eyesore.

Greg Barnsley, 49, whose property borders onto Bunya Hill said residents of the quiet town did not want the area ruined by the oversized trees.

"They grow to an enormous height," Mr Barnsley said. "Yes these ones are small now but they are going to be huge."

"They are out of character with the area, they are not even Australian natives.

"We respect that Nicole wants her privacy but if she wants trees let them be Australian ones.

"She could be gone in a couple of years and then we will be left with them forever."

While the dispute rages, Kidman, Urban and the couple's 18-month old daughter Sunday Rose have been staying in Sydney with Kidman's parents Anthony and Janelle.

The family is expected to move to the Bunya Hill property for the rest of the Christmas holidays.