Nepal’s new beginning

Ever since the word ‘development’ was defined, it has always been associated with people irrespective of the pre-existing barriers of background and ideology.

A developing country like Nepal has always concentrated its power only in the hands of the politicians even though political instability and corruption have been seen as a daily practice. Nepal has spent more than a decade in solving a situation that has seen people give different meanings to development.

And in the course of time, Nepal went from being a state of peace to a state of disputes. Today peace has come back finally.

However, constructive developmental work has not been done though people have harped about it.

But since the country has settled into a somewhat fragile peaceful state, it would be wiser to convert the optimistic efforts, attitudes, stipulations and the so called ‘historic event’ into an active and productive one for the betterment of the people.

Nepal should recognise that development depends on the hands of today’s students who are to lead the country tomorrow.

Just as in the way the little nestlings need to learn to flap their wings before they fly, for the development of a country, the people should learn how to handle things before the responsibilities of the country are given to them. In other words, students play a vital role in the development of a country because it is the students who are to represent the country when the time comes for them to act.

In order to develop a sense of leadership in students, proper education, counselling and attitude development activities should be implemented.

Students are the future stars of a country, and for a country on road to development, the role of students should be extensively recalled and proclaimed. Nepal has stepped into a ‘new beginning’, and in order to introduce development, the country should forget the past and invest on students because the people of the world respect a nation that can see beyond its

own image.