Nepal’s rich biodiversity

According to the Biodiversity Database of 2003, there are 183 mammals, 847 birds, 179 fresh water fishes, 80 reptiles, 36 amphibians and 4,582 insects species found in Nepal. Our country is rich in bio-diversity. Different kinds of plants and animals are found in mountainous, hilly and Tarai regions. Wildlife can be defined as those living organisms that are living in the wild in their natural surroundings. Some endemic animals found here are snow leopards, wild buffaloes, one-horned rhinos, Bengal tigers, black buck, among others.

As a natural resource, wildlife has great importance. Whether they are mammals or insects or birds or fishes, they are an essential part of the living world. Due to variations in geographical conditions, climate, attitude, we can find various types of birds, animals, insects in various parts of our country.

Wildlife is the pride of Nepal as they make our country more beautiful and also attract foreign tourists and generate income. It helps in development of tourism industry.

Wildlife also helps to keep an balance in the environment. Many human activities have had a negative impact on wildlife. Deforestation, pollution, excessive hunting and over-use of natural resources have adversely affected animals and birds. Many animals have already become extinct, while many more are on the verge of extinction.

People should be made aware about the wildlife in Nepal. Those people who hunt animals or cut down trees illegally should be punished.