Nepathya’s O2 gig to be a salute to Lahures


Nepathya was on a tour of Australia when the nation was devastated by the massive earthquake on April 25. The band’s frontman Amrit Gurung thought then that nothing is left in the country now. Tents visible from the plane on his return on April 28 reconfirmed this fear of his. However, as he came out of the airport and looked he felt “there is not as much devastation as expected”. But when he went to the Patan Durbar Square next day, he realised our cultural heritages are no more.

He was yet to see more of the havoc created in villages. He went to earthquake-affected areas, saw the devastation, but also that people were back with their everyday life. “The earthquake is just a reason for more suffering for us. If we do not work now, there will be no food to eat in the future,” shared one of the farmers with Gurung when he was visiting the villages in Dolakha and Sindhupalchok. These words made Gurung realise that “life has to move on despite all the odds. The mourning should be over, life needs to be continued”.

Symbolising this and as urgency for movement of life in a positive way, Nepathya is preparing for its second show in the United Kingdom on August 8. The venue for this performance is O2 Academy Brixton. “The UK concert is all about celebration of hope and aspirations for the future,” shared Gurung.

There is another reason for the celebration. The concert is also part of the celebration of 200 years of diplomatic relations between Nepal and the UK. People were deprived of education in the past, didn’t have income and quality life. This became a reason for the Nepali youth to join the British Army. “As they returned from the British Army, they brought skills, medals, culture, technology, and income with them. Today, the lahure culture has been transformed in the form of migrant workers. They too are migrating to Arab countries, Malaysia to earn,” shared Gurung.

“When the Gorkhali Lahures returned, they made schools in the country. They became pioneers in developing Pokhara and areas around,” informed Gurung. And in memory of contributions made by such British Lahures, Gurung is singing:

Naina taal…. Naina taal

Ghumiaayo rel

Ankhamaa laune kalo gajal

Bulbulema tel … Nainataal…

This song will be dedicated to all the Gurkha soldiers who served and are serving across the world. Gurung heard this song during his childhood days in Kaalaabaang, Kaski during 1970s. “As I was always fascinated with this song, I wanted to record it and homework was done for that. This song is specially made for the concert.”

Along with this, other songs from Nepathya’s upcoming album will be an added attraction of the show.

Laahur Jaaula Dhan Kamaula

Aachha Aachha Maanale

Timro Aanshu Mai

Puchula Butte Rumalaile

This symbolic song that shows the happiness of a lahure to make his wife happy with earnings from a well-settled job will also be entertaining the audience in the concert. Along with this, Purbeli hakpare Koshiko Paani yo Jindagani and Oh Rama Rama will be other attractions.

The band will perform 20-25 songs with these new numbers. “The concert is solely for the celebration of life, happiness, diplomatic relations,” added Gurung.

With this performance Nepathya’s name will be included in the Venue’s list of musicians which include Bob Dylan, Madonna, Iron Maiden, Sex Pistols, UB40. “Other names that have links with the venue are Eric Clapton, Dire Straits, The Police, Wham and Culture Club, among many.”

The organisers have already written “Nepathya 8th Aug” at the entrance to O2 Academy to inform the audience about their performance in London. The band will travel to the UK with a 10 member entourage and Gurung will be accompanied by his bandmates Dhurba Lama on drums, Suraj Thapa on Keyboards, Subin Shakya on Bass, Niraj Gurung on Guitars and Shanti Rayamajhi on Madal.


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