Never too old to learn, never too young to teach

Living in the most advanced technological era in history, one is confronted with a plethora of knowledge and information which continues to become outdated each passing second. While young people possess an ability to learn new concepts and absorb information faster and easier, many new ideas could be taught to old people if they possessed the desire to learn.

The computer, for old people, has emerged as the first barrier and stigma. With a computer, one can work without paper and pencil, obtain useful searches on the Internet or make online purchases from one’s home. However, many older people are not able to do these things since using a computer initially demands a modicum of knowledge and skill. If one has time, there are rewards to teaching our grandparents how to use a computer. They could discover the many benefits and pleasures of using a computer.

In addition to new technological products, new ideas can be conveyed to old people. Many old people maintain that health, for example, suggests an absence of disease. Yet many of us have realised that the notion of being healthy contains emotional, social and physical health rather than simply living without illness. Such scientific notions could be learned by old people from their children because young people acquire such ideas quickly through the net. Why not learn something new from youngsters in order to adjust to a modern lifestyle?

There is no doubt that there are many things we should learn from older people like traditional culture or some valuable life experiences, in the modern times, the old people too can learn a lot of things from the younger generation.