New Sugababes face hiccups in photoshoot

LONDON: Just 12 days into their new line-up the Sugababes have had their first big bust-up.

Putting three feisty women in a band may be asking for trouble, but no one could have predicted how quickly they would fall out.

The barney kicked off last Friday at a photoshoot in North London when Amelle Berrabah's mobile kept going off. It disrupted the session and upset Heidi Range and new girl to the trio Jade Ewen.

A source said: "The others were kept waiting and got increasingly wound up.

"Heidi has seen it all before but Jade just wanted to get on and get the job done. Their management had to come down hard on the girls and tell them to behave." The shoot was then put off for two hours to let the girls calm down.

It was only two Mondays ago that Jade replaced Keisha Buchanan after Heidi and Amelle finally decided they could not work with her any more.

Last week Heidi insisted: "We've said if there are any problems, we'll talk about it like adults and get over it."

I fear she may have spoken too soon.

But Sugababes - who release new album Sweet 7 on November 23 - wouldn't be the same without rows behind the scenes. Former members Mutya Buena and Siobhan Donaghy left after problems within the group.

It seems normal Sugababes service has been resumed...