Newari Yahoo launched


A New-ari film Yahoo was released amidst a function held in the Capital on May 12.

According to Aryem Nakarmi, who is the director and scriptwriter of the film, it revolves around the story of a young boy who is flirting with two girls at the same time. But his main aim is to woo a rich girl and marry her.

However, as the film progress it turns out that the two girls the boy is flirting with are sisters resulting in a comic climax.

The film stars Rajendra Man Shakya, Arneshwori Shilpakar, Anil Shahi, Sunil Dangol, Hridaya Prasad Mishra, Arket Raj Maharjan, Rajana Maharjan and Ashishma Nakarmi.

The organisers said the film would be marketed soon in the form of VCD.