Night at Mt 8848


It is not only in the world of bikes that Yahama has been making waves. The Yamaha Gladiator Roxx concert with the popular band Mt 8848 held on July 4 in the Capital was one such event.

Organised by Partynepal, the concert was held to promote Yamaha, improve sales as well as provide a chance to interact with customers, get their feedback and suggestions.

The Eden Food Court was packed with fashionable ladies and trendy guys enjoying the music as Mt 8848 belted out hit numbers. They did cover versions of international bands like Bon Jovi, Scorpions, CCR and others. They also performed country songs at the gig.

And of course the night did not end without them performing their hit number Satthi along with other numbers like Raat gujarnu banki chha, Maski maski.

The food from different food stalls and the lounge bar attracted a lot of people. The concert that began at around 7:00 pm had the crowd grooving till after 10.