On her 32nd birthday on November 1, Aishwarya Rai is feeling on top of the world and looking like a million bucks. Is that what she got paid for her performance in Doug Lefler’s Last Legion?

“Ha! I’m not telling. What I’ll tell you is, I’ve never had so much fun acting. So far I was doing lots of roles that required me to play women with a heavy soul... but now I’m finally playing girls who wanna have fun.”

In Last Legion, she plays a horse-riding, sword-swishing warrior. After this film, Ash goes into Umrao Jaan and Dhoom 2. “Both are very different from one another. I’ve never played these kinds of roles before.”

How true are rumours that she is losing weight to fit into a bikini for Dhoom 2? “There’s no bikini. But yes, I’ve definitely lost weight. It’s a process that started earlier for Last Legion. If I had to get on a horse I had to look worthy of it, no? And since in Dhoom 2 I’m playing an utter hip-and-now character, I naturally needed to get more into shape. It was natural process, not one of those dietary missions.