No comments, says Soha

MUMBAI: Soha Ali Khan’s life seems to have done a turnaround. The city is full of stories of her on-off relationship with Tamil star Siddharth but the actress laughs it all off.

“I’m so amused by all these articles. I’m not admitting or denying anything. But most of what is being written is completely untrue. If it were a controversy regarding my career, I’d react. I wouldn’t want to comment on my personal life,” Soha, who worked with Siddharth in Rang De Basanti, said.

“Neither will I comment on bhai’s (Saif Ali Khan’s) relationship with Kareena Kapoor, about which I’m often asked to be a spokesperson because he’s inaccessible. It’s so boring to comment on their relationship. It’s got nothing to with my life,” she added.

Prodded further, Soha said, “When I get married, I’d owe it to the public to tell them about it. But there’s no private life if I talk about it publicly.”

What about newspaper reports about her break-up with Siddharth? “Those reports were entirely made up. I think such stories are written in the hope that I’d finally be provoked into reacting. Such reports of a relationship and a break-up are so flagrant they just annoy me,” Soha maintained.

What about her photograph with Siddharth was published the day after stories of their break-up appeared? “I went with Siddharth and a group of friends to a musical event organised by (composer) Sandeep Chowta to cheer three of the greatest musical legends. Rather than cover the legends, the press found it more interesting to photograph me and Siddharth. This — are-they-together-are-they-not — can go on for ever. My life isn’t an open book. But I’m not going to stop living my life the way I want to just because I’m a private person. I’ll go exactly where I want to and when I want and with whom I want to.”