No link-up please, says nervous Preity

MUMBAI: Actress Preity Zinta is nervous before the 55th Idea Filmfare Award 2009, which will take place on Saturday, February 27.

She tweets, “Filmfare Awards are coming near and I am already nervous ! Most actors are nervous because they are wondering if they will get awards... I am nervous because if I end up going with someone from the opposite sex that person might get linked up with me. What to do?”

The dimpled actress, who hasn’t been nominated this year, says, “I think I will nominate myself for the Missing in Action Filmfare Award since I have not had a movie for a year and half!”

On a suggestion that she take her dad or brother along, or even go alone, she responds, “I know but I hate getting dressed up and then becoming ... Miss Only the Lonely!” C’mon, Preity, brave those flashbulbs... so what if we’ll be watching!