No more disconnection

MUMBAI: The endless impersonations and fake profiles on social networking sites have finally made Shahid Kapoor realise that he needs to do something to ‘connect’. Sources close to the actor confirmed that he recently had a meeting with them on how he can make his website better than his ‘competitors’.

“Shahid was reluctant about networking and having his website up on the net because he felt it would get too personal. But there are also ways of doing it without making it personal. In fact, all the social networking sites and blogs are filled with Shahid fakes. So, we told him he needs an authentic website on himself to prevent fake profiles,” says a close friend of the actor.

Shahid also confirmed that his website is being planned

but refused to go into details. Sources also revealed that Shahid has unwittingly ag

reed to blog and tweet on his website to meet with his ‘fan’s demands’.