No rift between King Khan and Dada

MUMBAI: Shah Rukh Khan has put to rest all rumours about a rift between Kolkata Knight Riders captain Saurav Ganguly, and himself.

“Saurav and I are good friends. There is no problem between Saurav, John [Buchanan, coach for the Knight Riders] and me,” he says. “Certain sections of the press have misquoted me on this. I do not think that I need to justify that we are a team. I am too old in this business of winning and losing. I do not think that I need someone coming and telling me about anti-corruption after 40 days into the tournament. I own the Knight Riders and I have paid them to win. Now, if they are losing, does that mean that I am paying them to lose? “

“There is more to life than just winning. I read somewhere that I was kicking chairs. I have seen too many victories and losses, and I’m too old in this game to react like this,” he continues. “When we won, it was said ‘Prince and King ruled.’ Now that we are not doing well, they assume that something must me wrong between Saurav and me. I would like to clarify that nothing is wrong. Saurav has sent me messages asking me to clarify to all that we are friends. We are not fighting the team is not going to be sold. John is not angry with

Saurav. Saurav is not angry with me. I am not kicking chairs. There are no issues. Yes, I do have certain issues with the IPL on the code of conduct.

That needs to be clarified. Only then will I go to the matches.”