Not ready to marry yet: Barrymore

London: Hollywood beauty Drew Barrymore has said she is not ready to get married and start a family, claiming she isn’t ready to sacrifice her acting career. Barrymore, who is dating The Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti, says she is enjoying working and her social life too much to settle down. The actress, who recently turned 30, said: “I’m not ready to have a family and I’m not ready to get married. “It’s more about enjoying life and having fun and working, spending time with my love and family and friends. Those are my priorities.” The screen beauty, who starred in her first Hollywood movie aged just six months, says she is not sure if she will ever be ready to have kids. She added: “You’ll never really be ready for having a kid - well that’s what all my friends who are mothers tell me - but I still think that if I wait for a bit longer, I’ll be better suited to the job” — HNS