Not tongue-tied face-to-face with favourite celeb

The celebrity I would like to meet is James Hetfielde, guitarist and frontman of the greatest thrash metal band Metallica. He is the one who has given variety of songs in metal with different variations in his vocals. Though he is old now and his new album has not got songs like before he is the one with whom I want to have a talk. As for the question I would ask him, it is, “When will you be performing in Nepal and that too for free because we Nepalis are good but poor human beings and we would like to watch you perform live.”

— Prasun, Lokanthali, Bhaktapur

My all time favourites celebrity is Daniel Jacob Radcliffe (Harry Potter). He has gained popularity worldwide through his hard work and of course many of his charity works. I am much inspired by him. Being a social worker as a teenager is surely inspiring for everybody. I never used to miss any programmes related to him. I have a collection of articles related to him from various newspapers and magazine as well. Unfortunately, these days I can only collect articles but cannot see shows on TV because of heavy load shedding. I always wish to meet Daniel, my hero Harry. If I could ever meet him I would ask him that who/what inspired him to do charity work, and how does he manage time for his play, study and charity work?

— Bani (SVI), Manamaiju

Obviously, everyone wants to know more about their favourite celebrity and never misses a chance to know more about them through interviews and gossip columns. If I get an opportunity to meet one of my favourite celebrities, that would be none other than Bill Gates. I would like to meet him because of his personality and determination as well as his far-sightedness. I guess he has been a role model for each of us. He did what he was determined to do and showed the world that nothing is impossible. He went on struggling for his ambition and achieved it successfully. The question I would ask him would be umm... How much richer would you like to get? The reason behind asking this question is to know if he is satisfied with what he has achieved or not. There is one saying, “Nothing you achieve is enough when you determine to achieve enough itself.”

— Prabesh Shrestha,

Premier College

If I could meet a celebrity then it would be none other than Thomas Alva Edsion because he is an example to all human beings to never give up in life. He failed a thousand times before he was able to make the electric bulb. That’s why rather than an actor or singer he is the personality I want to meet. If I were given a chance to ask him a question, it would be what made you keep on going even when you failed so many times?

— Bhaskar Baniya

I have three favourite actors who I admire — Katrina Kaif, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. It would be really difficult for me to choose from the three of my favourites, but if I get an opportunity to meet my favourite celebrity, I would prefer to meet Aamir because I think he is a perfectionist. The movie he stars in becomes a blockbuster. In every movie of his we find something different, from his story to his hair style and dressing style. He is an actor in Bollywood who creates something new every time through his works. I personally feel he is a really gracious person.

If I meet him the question that I would ask him would be is what influenced him to direct the movie Taare Zameen Par? In this movie we find a new Aamir, even the entire concept of the movie is made in a different way keeping in mind the mentality of a child mentality.

— Sitosna Rai

Bill Gates is one of my favourite celebrities whom I would love to meet the most and share an extremely unforgettable moment. He has not only billions of money and property but possesses a large heart full of generosity which is seen through his philanthropic works. He has shared a noteworthy amount of his wealth for various social causes worldwide which has become a big success. This inspiring quality of his life has made him my favourite personality. I would ask him what can be done to inspire all wealthy people of the world to serve humanity with their hearts and bucks?

— Anjan Gurung, Pokhara

If I could meet my favourite celebrity then it would be none other than our own Nepali oomph girl, Jharana Bajracharya. I like her melancholic stare that tames me every time I look into her eyes. Moreover, I adore her confidence and intelligence that she has shown in interviews and talk shows. Initially, she was not so popular but after acting in a Hindi movie she became the talk of the town. I watched her in a popular talk show where she pragmatically answered all the questions asked and I liked her from that day. She is the epitome of beauty and brains. She has got everything that an actor needs to have. Unfortunately, today, she is not acknowledged by Nepali film industry and her talent has been wasted. So, I would like to ask her, why she is not doing any movie these days? And I would also like to suggest her to work in good movies. Jharana you really rock and you deserve the best actor award. Good luck!!

— Mingma Sherpa,


Meeting our favourite celebrity is one of our various dreams which we desperately wish to fulfil. If I could meet my favourite personality then it would be former crown princess Himani because I like and admire her personality very much. She is so charming that whenever I see her in the papers I can’t help myself from becoming her fan all over again and I really adore her. I don’t have any such question to ask besides, how are you?

— Rajani Maharjan

I am a very choosy person and never go crazy over any of the celebrities just because someone has celebrity tag in front of their name. However, there are few personalities whom I really adore and appreciate for their artistic talents, struggle and self-made style. To name some of the celebrities who have been able to leave a lasting impression on me include Guru Dutt, Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Rekha, Reena Roy, Madhuri, Leonardo DiCarpio, Brad Pitt, Halle Berry and Kate Winslet, and our own Hari Bansha Acharya. Another personality whom I always appreciate for the struggle she has been through in life and has carved a name for herself is Oprah Winfrey. If I get a chance to meet her I would ask, coming from a weak financial background, how does it feel to be named as one of the most influential Americans? I would ask this question because she has undergone various ups and downs in life and her experiences could inspire and encourage other children living amidst miseries to face hardship of life with courage and accept struggle as a part of life if they want to rise up and achieve something in life.

— Ambika Pandey,


I would like to meet Britney Spears. I have been her fan since childhood. She is gorgeous and I am amazed by the way she sings. If I get a chance to meet her, I would be very much interested to know more about her life and the reasons behind her success so that I can follow her footsteps in my life. One question I would like to ask her is how does she always be able to maintain her beauty despite being a mother of two children.

— Sushobhit Pokharel

I don’t have a favourite celebrity as such, but, I would like to meet Miss Britney Lorna Spears who was here in Kathmandu as a guest at a new year’s bash, and ask her if she did have an identity of her own, once upon a time? Was she encouraged by her family and friends to be someone else? It may sound a like dumb question to ask, but why does she want to be Britney Spears, of all the people? Is it just because she looks a bit like her or because she wants the same attention, no matter, how scandalous it may prove to be? And if it was just one question, then I would ask her, since she has been so influenced by Britney’s attire, clothes, make-up and hairdo, didn’t she want to go bald when Britney did? Or does she still live in the same dreamland of the 16-year-old Britney?

— Rhea Gurung, Shital Marg, Maharajgunj

Celebrities are renowned either by their talents or by their impressive deeds. In fact, everyone is impressed by one’s favourite celebrity and wants to develop the same personality as they have. 2008 was meaningful in the context of Asian Sports as China was successful in holding the great fair of sports Olympics 2008 despite the Tibet unrest and other things. It made all Asians feel good. It also carried many lessons for sport aspirants in one or the other. American swimmer Michael Phelps ruled the swimming events by grabbing eight gold medals. Actually, he has been a source of inspiration, not just in sports, but for the people of other sectors as well and he is my favourite celebrity. While performing my duties, I always think of him and want to achieve top level success as he did. Since then I have been learning more and more about him but I still have one question which has remained unanswered. So, if I could meet Michael Phelps, the one and only question I would ask him is — “What did you do different from the other participants that enabled you to win the game as it is said, ‘Winners don’t do the different things, but they do things differently.”

— Rajesh Rimal, Kausaltar

I want to meet Sai Baba rather than any celebrity and ask him why I am here. Why should I always compromise in life and ask him what makes me a failure all the time, and request him to refresh me so every new day brings new hopes, adds confidence in me to get relief from pain, live and work for others.

— Sulochana Shrestha

When alone, I always think about a great leader who can change war into peace and possesses the ability to make the world a better place for everyone. Nowadays, a peaceful nation without war, economic crisis and political instability is unthinkable. I like a leader with a democratic background and a self-motivated personality. I believe that democracy is a big tree where a hunting bird and a little bird can make their nests separately and can live safely. One day, I read about Barack Obama in a paper. His distinct personality made me want to know more about him. In the past in America, the whites used to treat the blacks as slaves. However, now a black man has become the president of America. That is why Obama is my favourite personality. If I could get a chance to meet him once, I would certainly ask him, “As the president of America, what is your message to those innocent people who want peace with freedom but are troubled by war caused by America?”

— Rupak Raj Rimal, Shera, Nuwakot

Of course, it would be Aamir Khan. His personality reflects his hardworking nature and sincerity towards his work and the field he has been working in. His style is mind blowing and every project he does contains a lot of effort by him which lures the audience to see his movie. “What is the most inspiring moment of your life?” would be my question to him

— Bibhu Poudel, Malpi Institute

Yes, I also want to meet my favourite celebrity and she is Oprah Winfrey. I was spellbound when I first watched her show. She is a brilliant TV host, I appreciate her views, ideas, her ways of explaining and convincing her viewers. She is an inspiration to many Americans and people around the world. I feel very blessed just to get an opportunity to watch her show on TV. She always has a very significant and exceptional topic to talk about and I thank God for sending her in this world. She has given hope to many poor people and she is the power and energy to many people in the world. If I get one chance to ask a question to her I would ask her if she has any plans to help the poor people of Nepal? And I would be very glad to take the responsibility that she would give me if she has any plans to come to Nepal. I just want her to take the responsibility for all the energy she brings to us. Oprah, the world needs you and I adore you for all your deeds.

— Sandhya Acharya,


I would love to meet musician Varg Vikernes, who is serving a 21-year-sentence in prison for committing murder and church burnings. It would be quite an experience, my first visit to a prison, as well as meeting a world famous musician. Despite his anti-Christ beliefs and criminal activities, I cannot help but respect Vikernes for his music and his contributions towards black metal. I would want to ask him several questions, but one obvious question would be about his life in prison and his plans after he is released.

— Sadichchha

If I’m to meet my favourite celebrity, it would be none other than my idol, my inspiration, Deepika Padukone. She is a symbol of ‘struggle and achievement.’ She is a source of inspiration in my life. Born to a badminton player, with no filmi family background in movies, whatever she is today, she achieved it on her own.

It’s all because of her that I’ve started to believe in true efforts. Today, I don’t hesitate to struggle to achieve the impossible. Nothing is impossible unless I think it’s impossible. And I believe that I’ll make it to the top like her someday (as absurd as it might sound though). If I were to ask her a question, I would ask her from where did she get the confidence to believe in the impossible.

— Manish Aryal, Balaju

I have come to know about the most rocking teenage boy band of Korea through Arirang. It is five boys who have a band and known as Big Bang. I watch most of their interviews, and check all the possible sites on the Internet to know about them. Although they are from Korea, they are popular abroad as well. They all are very hard working. And I have come to know that they struggled for almost two years to form this group. These teenagers are also engaged in doing volunteer work in old age home, orphanage. They occasionally help through their concerts for charity purposes too. Teenagers engaged in charity works are obviously encouraging. Wow! I really wish I could meet them. And if I could meet them I would ask them if they would like to add any Nepali singer to their band?

— Bina Maharjan