Now Bond with dot com

LOS ANGELES: The name is com — The official website of Pierce Brosnan — who played British secret agent James Bond in several films — is up and running, and for fans of the actor, it offers a unique peek into his life and passions.

The website, launched by Green-i Software and Solutions, examines Brosnan as an actor, artist and environmental activist.

"In his films he may be larger than life, but in real life Brosnan is deeply committed to his family and the environment," said Green-i President Rolf Wicklund. "We worked closely with him throughout the development of this site, and it is our hope that we have successfully captured the many facets of this extraordinary man."The site highlights Brosnan’s films, dozens of his paintings, his Irish DreamTime production company and the Official Pierce Brosnan Fan Club.

Pierce Brosnan won a legal battle to claim the Internet domain name after United Nations arbitrators ruled in his favour over a notorious "cybersquatter". — AP