Obama in The Simpsons?

WASHINGTON: US president Barack Obama and Brit actor Russell Brand are being considered for an appearance in American animated sitcom The Simpsons. Executive producer’s James L Brooks and Al Jean hope that 47-year-old Obama will become the first president in office to appear on the show. “We’d love to have Barack on the show. No president has agreed to do it yet but we’ll keep asking,” The Sun quoted Brooks as telling TV Biz. “We’re putting all the right signals out,” he said.

Jean revealed that he found Brand, 33, to be “very funny”, and that the latter would not mind doing a show on him. “I would definitely be interested in writing an episode around him,” he said.

Former UK prime minister Tony Blair had appeared on the show in 2003 while he was still in office, and the producers also hope ex-US president George W Bush will agree to appear in Springfield.