Objects and significance


Artist Saroj Kushwaha portrays images of objects to signify something else. He conceives images through his internal frame of mind to grasp the meanings and purpose of objects and this in turn helps him to manipulate the images on the canvas.

Kushwaha’s solo exhibition titled ‘Absence of objects’ was inaugurated by French Ambassador Gilles Henry Garault on July 3 at Park Gallery, Pulchowk.

About his collection he says, “For me an object is the key to the mystery of life.

The more we understand the meaning and purpose of objects, the more we move closer to the essence of our own existence.”

Kushwaha’s paintings have one-colour background with some textured effects on one corner and some objects — mostly apple. His portrayal of objects are very realistic and he has been able to bring in the dimension and depth of round objects. From bright green to reddish orange to black, Kushwaha has used vibrant and strong colours in the background.

Most of his creations are large in size and he also has two creations, comprised four and five panels. He says he has done this to bring design to his paintings.

The exhibition is on till July 15. — HNS