On a new road

The word Dashain itself conjures up happiness, joy, merriment and a lots of enjoyment. And for us Nepalis, especially Hindus, this is the biggest festival which unites society killing all old worries, rivalries and egos.

However, we were not been able to celebrate Dashain so exuberantly in the last some years. Land of Gautam Buddha’s birth had got a new name — a war-affected area and Nepalis were affected by the strife. But with Nepal becoming a republican, the political instability has ended. There is peace once again.

With New Nepal there comes a new spirit, courage and happiness in people. I believe this Dashain will be special as it is the first Dashain of Republican Nepal.

I hope this Dashain will led Nepal on the path of development and will make the dream of a new and improved Nepal come true.

Happy Dashain to all. May peace and harmony reign in our country forever.

— Dipraj Bista, Class X, Suryodaya Sai Secondary School