On the backyard and beyond…


Nature Through Lens”, a nature and wildlife photography exhibition is a depiction of nature and nature life through a Nepali vision. The exhibition has revealed the most obvious facts of Nepal and its natural heritages, which was long tarnished by depiction of Nepal as remote land of mountains and poverty. Altogether, 80 photographs on display vividly portray some of the most ignored but fascinating facets of Nepal’s natural beauty. The exhibited snapshots range from garden flowers to wildlife in forest of Gokarna and Godavari. People will find it hard to believe that there are places in Nepal which are cleaner, fresher and even more fabulous. Entirely a new-look of a familiar spot gives viewers a surprise.

Wildlife Conservation Nepal, Urban Wildlife Programme had conducted a weeklong workshop on nature and wildlife photography on July. Including three foreigners from Italy, England and Japan, senior photographers gave 17 participants classes on nature and wildlife photography.

“We targeted young and amateur photographers who has passion for conservation of nature,”

Sanjeevani Yonzon, programme co-ordinator said. “It is just another approach to prompt the youth in taking initiatives for the conservation of nature,” added Yonzon. Dambar Krishna Shres-tha, a journalist stationed at Dharan, shared, “It was the most revealing experience I have ever had.” As a hardcore reporter of Himal Khabarpatrika, he writes about the atrocities,

extortion and violence of ongoing insurgency of the country. “It was just a wander in a wonder

land for me,” he shared. Another participant Neelima Shrestha, a nature conservationist said, “I got a broader perspective to look at nature. I believe photographs can be an inspiration for preserving nature and nature life.” The proceeds from the sale of the photographs will go to conservation effort at the local level. The exhibition is on till August 31.