On the job : Let your office inspire you

Is your office design drab and uninspiring? Do thoughts of going into your office dampen your

entrepreneurial spirit? It may be time to consider your office design and your productivity. A few simple ideas can go far in boosting your business productivity.

Match your brand

An important element of business marketing is the branding and image of your company.Your office design should match your brand. Successful branding requires you to look and ‘feel’ the brand. Having glossy business cards and a high-tech image but out-of-date office furniture and equipment, will make you feel like an impostor and you will have difficulty projecting your brand to customers.

Turn down the volume

Noise in your office environment can have a greater impact on productivity than you may think. Take necessary steps to pinpoint noises. Move any noisy equipment away from the walls and add carpeting, office dividers, or curtains to reduce noise.

Bring in nature

Spending long hours in an unnatural environment can be hazardous to your health. We are biological creatures and need to experience nature for the best in psychological and physiological functioning. Use as much of nature as you can such as —

• Locating your office in a space with windows if possible.

• Add real plants to have fresh oxygen in your workspace.

Check ergonomics

The study of ergonomics looks at the interface between humans and machines, or in our case, business owners and the office. Improper office ergonomic design can have a huge impact on productivity, injury prevention, and health. Consider these quick ergonomic checks —

• Eyes 24-36 inches from computer screen and the top of your monitor should be below or at eye-level.

• Feet should be on a foot rest or planted firmly on the floor.

• Slightly reclined chair posture is best to reduce vertebrae pressure and minimise lower back pain.

The right office design can help you reduce stress, improve productivity, and in the end, enhance the profits of your business. — Agencies