On the job : Resist flirting colleagues

Don’t you just hate it when you have to go to work everyday and deal with that ever so flirtatious co-worker? After reading this how-to you will have the knowledge to stop this flirtatious behaviour.

• Think: You might initially think that the flirtatious behaviour is flattering, but do you really want to pursue this? Most likely not!

• Act fast: As soon as the flirting behaviour starts, make it stop. Doing nothing about the flirtatious behaviour is like telling them you enjoy the extra attention. If nothing is done, the person will continue this sort of behaviour.

• Diffuse the situation with humour: When you are with a group of co-workers, make a joke about the flirter’s behaviour. This not only tells other workers about your situation, but it will also embarrass the person. This light embarrassment will likely cause the person to stop.

• Be honest: Speak with your flirtatious co-worker face to face. Clearly state that you don’t enjoy the attention and you wish for it to stop immediately.

• Complain: Speak with your immediate supervisor who will promptly deal with your complaint. Be sure to explain what has been happening and how it makes you feel uncomfortable.

• Move on: You may feel slightly awkward after the flirtatious co-worker has been spoken to by your supervisor, just try to move on and continue with your regular work routine. Things will begin to continue as normal. — Agencies