One big Groovesuppa - Jazzmandu


Groovesuppa, a quintet from Mumbai, is all set to storm the audience at Jazzmandu 2005, starting from November 4, with its selective brand of original compositions. Groovesuppa features a mixture of rock, jazz, funk, blues and other elements of music. Just out with their self titled album Groovesuppa, this band has been performing all over India and will be participating in the Kathmandu Jazz Festival for the third time. The sound of the band takes inspiration from the city they live in, Mumbai, and mixes it all up into one big groovesuppa.

The band comprises of JD Jaideep Thirumalai (bass guitar), Benoy Rai (electric and acoustic guitar), Sanjay Joseph (electric and acoustic guitar), Vibhas (percussions) and Lindsay D’Mello on drums.

As a producer/composer, session player, JD has been a vital part of Calcutta-based Crosswinds (funk rock), High (experimental rock). Used to be blue (jazz rock) apart from being an active member in the session circuit, JD has been a part of the numerous commercials, albums.

Benoy, who has mastered in Indian and Western classical music, has performed with a number of rock and blues outfits in Darjeeling and Mumbai. His influences vary from blues, rock, funk, jazz. Starting off with a rock band in his formative years, Sanjay Joseph has performed and recorded with the best in Mumbai and in the process has been influenced by other genres of music.

Vibhas, yet another marvel, who studied at MIT, Los Angeles, has performed with Blues for Dues (blues, funk) and Hindi pop artists KK, Asha Bhonsle, Shaan and LuckyAli to name a few. Like most of his band members, Lindsay also started off with a rock background, gigging with bands like Witch Hammer, Modus Operandi, Spice Tribe. Playing various styles and genres, with various artistes and musicians, he’s even performed with Bombay Black in Los Angeles alongside rock icons Aerosmith and for the Inland Invasion Festival. Lindsay also performs with commercial Hindi pop artists and is involved in making music for commercials, feature films and short films like most of his fellow band members.