Organising your closet

KATHMANDU: So you haven’t done your spring cleaning yet? It’s doesn’t matter. It’s always better late than never no? Here’s to organising your closet better.

— Get five boxes and mark them Keep, Donate, Dump, Fix and Maybe. Evaluate each item you remove from the closet. Classify each item as follows —

Keep: Start with jackets, suits, and separates. Keep your essentials, the clothes that make you feel good, and the clothes that have worked for you over and over as long as they’re in good condition, still fit, and don’t look dated.

Donate: If you’re the same size and haven’t worn something in a year or more, plan to give it away, unless it’s evening wear. An evening outfit or separates that look and feel great can be worn for years.

Dump: Throw out clothes that aren’t fit to donate. Keep a few things for dirty jobs like gardening, painting, and store them.

Fix: Put anything that needs a hem, button, alteration, or cleaning into this box. For things you can’t fix yourself, go to the dry cleaner or tailor. Make sure you really want to keep the things you’re fixing or you’re just wasting money.

Maybe: This box is for the shirt you got on sale but never wore because you don’t have anything to go with it, or just never bothered to figure out what to wear with it, the pants that are a little too tight, et cetera. At the end of the day, seal this box and put it somewhere else, away from your closet. Anything you don’t miss after four months should be given away.

Now make a list of things you need, like a new shell for a favourite suit, or a new white shirt to replace the one you just got rid of.