Our lovely Capital

Life in Kathmandu is exciting as well as difficult. Kathmandu is the capital of our country. In the last 10 years, many shopping malls, cinema halls, discos, pubs, restaurants, hotels have been established. The surrounding hills lend it an attractive appearance.

As every coin has two sides, every thing has its own disadvantages and advantages. Life is Kathmandu has been easy these days due to the various latest machines. All work can be

done on a machine. For example, there are washing machines, dishwashers, cookers, microwave ovens, to make our work easy.

Kathmandu is well connected by road to different places. There are good transportation facilities. The city offers many amenities of modern life. People of different places come in Kathmandu to get better facilities and job. It is the centre of administration, business and education.

There are too many houses in Kathmandu nowadays. It is difficult to see green plants. There is scarcity of water. The city has been polluted due to which people are suffering from various diseases.

There are many temples here like Swayambhu, Pashupati, Guheswari. It is also an industrial town. There are many beauty spots around Kathmandu. Two satellite towns are located near Kathmandu — Bhaktapur and Lalitpur. They have some ancient temples and places. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people here and is famous for the natural beauty.

Visitors to Kathmandu are struck with its beauty and diversity. I feel proud to live in such a city.