Our rivers our pride

Nepal may be economically poor but it is rich in natural resources. It abounds in snowcapped mountains with the world’s highest peak Mount Everest situated in Nepal itself, beautiful  waterfalls, forests, green and lush vegetation. Nepal is the second-richest country in water resources after  Brazil. Though Nepal is a land-locked country, it has many rivers and rivulets. The principal rivers of  Nepal are Gandaki, Mechi, Koshi, Karnali and Mahakali.

The rivers, which originate in the snowy mountains, are of great importance and have various advantages.

The first advantage of river water is that it generates hydro-electricity. However, even today people in most villages of Nepal still use oil lamps or candles. We have to generate enough electricity for all Nepali people by using river water.

The river water can also be used for irrigation purposes. Agriculture is the main occupation  of Nepali people, so irrigation is of great significance. Nepalis mostly rely on rainfall for irrigation purposes, hence agricultural productivity is low. If we can use the rivers water for irrigation, we can increase our  agricultural output.

River water can be and is used for drinking purposes. It can be supplied to people in cities if the government can afford to invest money towards this end.

Rivers are also a source of tourist attraction. Tourists are naturally attracted to the beauty of nature. We can offer entertainment facilities like swimming, rafting and bungee jumping and can earn foreign exchange.

Living creatures can live for some days without food, but they cannot without water. Most  of the rivers in Nepal, especially holy rivers like Bagmati and Bishnumati, are getting polluted day by day. We should be aware of this and it is our duty to conserve and preserve our rivers and water for future generations.