Our society

Have we seen any social developments in our society and what is going to become of the social condition of our community? Social inequality stands for the gap between rich and poor and the difference between the high and low classes or caste.

It also represents the entertainment of privileges by certain groups of people. The distinction made between colour, gender, language, and religion encourage the social problems of today. Most of the Nepalese people are poor, few are privileged with economic comforts. A great part of our National Treasury should help them, without this help their life remains the same from Father to son, and on again, and our Country cannot progress.

The high class people treat the lower class as the inferior ones. They neglect them, and repress the voice, strength, and potential of the lower class. This has made for a class of untouchables and occupational difficulties for them. Are we all not children of God? Who are we to judge others?

We must start programs for interaction between all people in the context of reformation and community development. Only then can our nation grow.

— Sarita Lama, Minar English Boarding School