Pam on conversion drive


Hollywood actress Pamela Anderson has sent singer and actress Jessica Simpson an information pack from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in a bid to turn her into a vegetarian.

Anderson lashed out at Simpson during a recent appearance on an Australian radio show, calling her names because she wore a T-shirt that read ‘Real Girls Eat Meat’, reports

“I sent her some information and I sent her a letter from PETA saying how the meat industry is horrible for the environment, horrible for your health and sent her some info on it,” said Anderson.

Her representative later claimed the comments were meant in jest. Pamela though insisted that she was not sorry for her harsh joke and so that Simpson would think twice before wearing clothes featuring such controversial slogans, according to

“Obviously I’m joking. Still, I don’t believe in what the T-shirt said. I didn’t say sorry,” she added.