Pam too racy for prudish

SHANGHAI: Pamela Anderson has drawn the critical eye of censors in China, with authorities cropping her nude anti-fur posters in Shanghai. Long-time member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Anderson was meant to appear nude from the hips up covered only by her arms next to the tagline “Give Fur the Cold Shoulder”.

“Government censors cropped the racy photo, forcing cheated viewers to rely on their imaginations.” In Beijing censors have been even more disapproving, said Allison Ezell, a PETA campaign manager.

Anderson was furious. “The authorities have it backwards,” she said. “After watching newly released video footage of animals on Chinese fur farms screaming and writhing in agony as their necks are broken, I think that fur farms should be censored, not the people exposing the horrific cruelty.” — AFP