Paper art expo


Artists from different countries staged their private exhibition of different forms of paper art, book art and photography at The Rooftop, Park Village Resort on November 3. It’s the first time The Rooftop has staged any such exhibition.

A huge number of art patrons had gathered at the exhibition, and the huge gathering is perhaps a positive indication that it is going to establish itself as a cultural hub in the days to come.

The artworks, which were displayed were an assortment of different kinds of artwork — some familiar, while some bizarrely exotic. And though some of the paper art looked completely foreign to Nepali sensibilities, they were visually arresting.

Apart from the art exhibition, books by Eva Kipp including Bending Bamboo Changing Winds and The Golden Umbrella among others were also displayed. The artworks were displayed by different prominent artistes including Puck Bramlage (The Netherlands), Yuko Ebina (Japan), Marja Van Galen (USA), Toshihiro Hattori (Japan), Eva Kipp (The Netherlands), Marijke Renes (The Netherlands), Deepak Shrestha (Nepal), Yvonne Struys (The Netherlands), Doortje de Vries (The Netherlands).

(The exhibition is also open on November 4 and 5 from 11:00 am to 4 pm)